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About Ecuador and Mindo

Ecuador can feel sometimes like 4 countries in one. from the breathtaking amazon to the awe-inspiring beauty of the andes, from pristine stretches of the coast to the legendary Galapagos islands. Ecuador is free from the mass tourism that affects other countries of South America, it is an oasis away from the crowds and a perfect place to discover a new and exciting destination.

Ecuador is home to 25 active volcanoes in the Andes with Cotopaxi being the most famous one and one of the most active and highest in the world. Ecuador´s cuisine is as diverse as its landscape, Ecuador sits on the equator and temperatures stay relatively the same at an average of 20.c to 25.c throughout the year so climate is in general very pleasant specially in and around Quito making northwest Ecuador an extraordinary birding destination.

Ecuador has only about 10% less bird species than the only three outranks in the list of countries with the most bird species in the world, only that Ecuador is 4 times smaller than Peru and Colombia and 30 times smaller than Brazil. So Ecuador is the smartest birding destination

The Mindo area Cloud Forest is a unique eco-system in Ecuador that’s known worldwide for its biodiversity and birding, In fact one third of Ecuador's bird species are found here in Mindo, Ecuador, Mindo area is one of the premier birding destinations in the world, in fact, Mindo area regularly holds the annual world record for the most bird species counted within a 24-hour period. Just Milpe area alone which is part of Mindo area has registered almost 500 bird species.

Which is more than many whole countries in the world

About Ecuador

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Travel with a purpose, Help us save the rainforest

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