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For many years I have been deeply concerned about the damage being done to the environment, and the deforestation of the rainforest in particular. In the past I was  involved in supporting several conservation projects but now I really feel I can actually do my part in making changes. 2020 offered me the opportunity to achieve my lifetime's dream, to save a tiny piece of the choco rainforest. 61% of the Ecuadorian choco forest has been lost due to deforestation and I was  able to purchase a piece of land which was partially deforested. So far we have planted 2,500 trees which will provide food and habitat for many wildlife species, many of them seriously endangered and threatened by hunting, logging, trafficking, agriculture and cattle farming.


Our mission is to create a wildlife sanctuary where all the extraordinary forms of life of the rainforest find peace and are safe from human intervention, and to be able to share this wildlife haven with all nature lovers of the world.


By creating our wildlife oasis I hope to set an example for others to appreciate nature and to kindle a desire for conservation. 



Choco toucan reserve & bird Lodge is located 15 minutes from Mindo town and 2 hours from Quito, Ecuador

A short trip from all the other hotspots in the northwest for any birdwatching day trip, we can take you there.

We are the only bird lodge in Ecuador 100% dedicated to birds, birders and bird photography.

Our Bird Lodge Gallery

All photos by Hans Heinz (owner and photo instructor)


Amazing Observation Platforms

Dedicated hummingbird photography area with continuous lights and tools for amazing results.

Choco toucan reserve is surrounded by 150 + hectares of rainforest and offers 2 spacious terraces and 5 observation platforms  which were designed to provide an outstanding photography and birding experience bringing both birds and mammals to eye level for extraordinary results even during the rainy season. Having been a professional photographer for several years, I designed these spaces with great photography in mind.

Milpe area has registered almost 500 bird species which is more than many whole countries in the world

Milpe area hotspot                    Choco Toucan Reserve hotspot

Our spacious rooms were carefully built, designed and decorated to offer you a pleasant and intimate stay with the chance to watch and photograph fauna, such as tayras, olingos, hummingbirds, owls and much more, right from your window. Yes you read it correctly, you can snap wildlife close up right from the comfort of your room! And if that’s not enough, you have the superb views of the rainforest as a backdrop.

We have placed hummingbird and banana feeders around the lodge so that you can enjoy the company of many colored birds while enjoying your meals.

Drone footage





Wildlife - Choco Toucan Reserve






Plan with us your visit to the Choco Andino cloud forest, one of the most biodiverse spots in the world, and get involved in our conservation project

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Travel with a purpose, Help us save the rainforest

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